Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ham Soup

Um, this was too easy. I love making soup!


Leftover honey baked ham (still good though) cut into bite sized pieces
frozen corn/black bean/pepper/onion veggie mix (generally called southwestern mix found in most grocery stores --this does so many things)
1 c. Shirley J cream sauce and soup base mix
3c. water + more to thin to desired consistency

This was a great use of leftovers, what I did was mix up the soup base in my pot and started cooking it. Then I added the rest of the ingredients and cooked through. The best part about this Shirley J soup base is that I can (and did) boil it back and forth as I played with the burner temp, and it doesn't curdle like cream. This is what also makes it a dream to reheat--which I also did.

my kids think that anything above lukewarm temp is burning hot, so to cool down soup I figured out this little trick: Add crushed ice and stir, no blowing necessary!

That's another great thing about the soup base, you can add water and it thins evenly! Hooray for Shirley J!