Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shirley J

What is Shirley J?

Let me try to give you the reader's digest version:

First of all, I should mention that I am an official Shirley J Home Chef now, which means that you can purchase the products from me if you are so inclined. Also it means that I will eventually be holding cooking classes in my home where we will demo and taste their products and you will be able to purchase them right there.

Ok, now on to the company and it's products:

Shirley J was started 30 or so years ago by a food chemist that wanted to come up with a universal cream sauce/soup base (basically like what you would call a roux or white sauce). He did, and it is inexpensive, delicious, heats and freezes without breaking down, easy to make (just add water and heat), and so versatile that you can use it almost every day. It has a 30+ year shelf life so it can be part of a food storage system, but I challenge you to try to keep it on your shelf for that long!

From this product many others were designed which you can peruse on their website by clicking on the Shirley J button on the right ---->
(Also newly added a line of bakery mixes which I made a loaf of bread with recently)

FFWD to 2009, the company was purchased by my Dad and his brother and a couple of other friends-- ergo I learn a lot about the products and how great they are. Then, I pass that knowledge on to you. Generous of me, no? Oui.


Diane said...

Well, aside from the fact that I am now hungry for everything you have made so far...this is a fun way to share your new interest. I think, when I get home, I just may have to try the magic white sauce and perhaps the bread and....well, you get the picture! Happy cooking, cute Ali!